Many Transtional Housing Programs Now Offering Child Care

With the advent of more difficult times, many transitional housing programs are now offering on-site licensed child care and aftercare programs to families and single parents.

These services are proving to be a great resource for parents and children alike. Children are now able to obtain the necessary care and proper living environment needed to grow up as healthy children.

In researching our article we found a women currently using these services at a Transitional Housing facility in the South Florida area.

Katie is a 32 single mother who was born and raised in the Fort Lauderdale area. Her husband lost his job over 2 years ago and could not deal with the pressure and left her two kids alone to fend for themselves. Due to circumstances beyond her control she now finds herself as a single mother, without a high enough income (she works part time at a local grocery store) to afford a market rate apartment for her two children.

Katie advised us that she first found out that a number of transitional housing programs offer childcare after speaking with a Broward County social worker. The helpful social worker provided her with a list of transitional housing locations in Broward County.

The great news about these programs is that residents like Katie now has a fighting chance to better herself without constantly being preoccupied with worries about housing and child care. Katie is currently working towards a degree in nursing and still able to hold down her part time job.

We wish her the best in her path and will check up on her later this year.

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