Peer Support Project Inc

1517 19th Street
Parkersburg, WV - 26101
(304) 485-8831

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Peer Support Project Inc
Peer Support Project Inc
Peer Support Project Inc

Peer Support Project Inc provides peer support services to adults with chronic mental illness helping them to live successfully in their communities through their supportive housing programs. 
Their approach to recovery includes support to avoid depression and loneliness; educational opportunities to expand knowledge and understanding including medication effectiveness; volunteerism to encourage community interaction and acceptance; as well as fun activities that promote wellness. 
They raise self esteem and encourage self advocacy. Their residents are involved in organizational decisions. They have "house" meetings and are a part of the Client Recovery Council with a voting representative on the Board of Directors. They believe self direction promotes recovery.

Type: non profit

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2019-04-04 22:58:10 Reply

I am looking into this for my ex daughter in law. She has family there in Parkersburg. She has had an ongoing drug issue for years I believe, I think she has finally hit rock bottom and is ready to get help for real. She would need extensive mental counseling as she was molested by her Grandfather as a young child and didn't receive assistance when she reached out to her Mother, The Grandfather's daughter, She was put on riddalin as a young child and has been on pills every since sometimes dabbling in other drugs such as heroine. My son and I tried to help her as have her Father who was an alcoholic when she was growing up but is now sober, a christian, happily married and raising his (her) granddaughter. Rehab has been attempted many times with her always leaving. She did the same to us. But now she is basically on the streets. She has no one. My son still loves her but she has put him through too much at this point. He is willing to pay for one month to give her a start. So my questions are, How does she get in? How much is it? What are the qualifications she has to meet to even be considered?

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