Katherine's House Transitional Housing

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Katherine's House Transitional Housing

3512 S. Juneau Street
Seattle, WA - 98118
(206) 722-3351

Important note: Services provided at transitional housing facilities varies by location. Some transitional housing assists with substance abuse treatment, psychological assistance, job training while others only provide limited assistance. Please review the details of each transitional facility to make sure you obtain the correct information.

Katharine's Place Apartments provides 25 units of low-income family housing in North Rainier Valley. Fifteen (15) units are subsidized by Seattle Housing Authority and ten (10) of these units are designated as permanent housing units for homeless families with children. The remaining ten (10) units are non-subsidized, rent-restricted units with monthly rents, as of December 2010, ranging from $650.00 (1-bedroom) to $920.00 (3-bedroom) per month. Some units are reserved for families with special needs, including families in which one or more household member is disabled and large families of four (4) or more. Additional criteria include meeting applicable income limits, eligible citizenship status and passing a criminal background check.

Clean & sober housing for single women, ages 18+.

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Katherine's House Transitional Housing

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