Amethyst Sober Living

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Amethyst Sober Living

Ming and New Stine
Bakersfield, CA - 93309
(213) 300-8853

Important note: Services provided at transitional housing facilities varies by location. Some transitional housing assists with substance abuse treatment, psychological assistance, job training while others only provide limited assistance. Please review the details of each transitional facility to make sure you obtain the correct information.

Amethyst Sober Living is a private and sober living home located in a quiet residential area of Southwest Bakersfield.

We operate under the highest of standards and are therefore available for a limited number of women who are committed to the pursuit of living a sober life.

Recovery defines a process of change through which individuals improve their life, health and wellness. Recovery means the chance to strive and reach your full potential. This requires that each woman is not only committed to her own journey towards sobriety, but willing to help other women achieve the gift of sobriety. Amethyst’s services are focused on offering a structured and well balanced schedule--relapse is not an option.

We know everyone will have a different path to recover and we support yours- remember, the ultimate goal is recovery and changing your life. Our offerings include: book studies, guided meditation groups, and support from the 12- Step community, such as AA/NA, OR a Faith Based Approach, such as religious organizations, of Bakersfield.

We strive to create the right conditions and environment so that you can focus on what is most important: YOU. Let us help you learn how to relax, clear your mind, and re-discover yourself. Our facility features a calm and peaceful environment. Most important, you will be embraced by the support of a wonderful group of like-minded women, selected, like you, for having the desire to live a life of sobriety.

Monthly cost is $725.00

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