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Clean and Sober Detox Residential Detox

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Fair Oaks, CA - 95628
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Important note: Services provided at transitional housing facilities varies by location. Some transitional housing assists with substance abuse treatment, psychological assistance, job training while others only provide limited assistance. Please review the details of each transitional facility to make sure you obtain the correct information.

Most adults seeking detox from an addictive substance will not require hospitalization. For those individuals we offer a confidential safe residential detox with a medical component. Clients are supervised 24 hours a day. If you or a loved one is seeking recovery from an addiction, Clean & Sober Detox will provide that first step in a safe, structured, environment in serene Fair Oaks.

Depending on the substance you are withdrawing from you may stay up to 10 days. Our intense program consists of daily activities as: reading from recovery books in a group session, viewing educational videos about the disease of addiction, and attending 12 Step meetings. Staff understands that you are withdrawing and there may be days when you are unable to fully participate. Clients will have time to use exercise equipment or just relax.

Private rooms are available and by accepting only 6 clients at a time allows staff to provide more individual care with each client.

During your stay you will be assessed and we will help you set obtainable goals. Staff urges all clients to continue in their recovery at the appropriate level of care.

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