Eden Hill Recovery Retreat For Women

PO Box 26
Canaan, CT - 06018
(860) 307-7512

Eden Hill Recovery Retreat For Women
Eden Hill Recovery Retreat For Women

Eden Hill transitional living offers residents the opportunity to forge a œnew beginning.  Addiction specialists have stabilized our residents physically and mentally while learning how to practice the 12 Step philosophy or other absinence program. They were taught to speak up in meetings and ask for help but now the next step is to decide how to use this information in the context of their home community. Many women are nervous about returning to their new world of sobriety. They ask themselves questions about their ability to fit in with their family, friends or colleagues. Severing ties with friends, perhaps even loved ones that cannot support their sober self is an issue that will be addressed at Eden Hill. A transitional living home managed by mental health professionals, allows you additional time to explore this sober woman who wants to be so much more than an alcoholic or drug addict. The legal, financial or emotional heartache concerning children, relationship issues or divorce are all issues that can defeat a woman's resolve to maintain sobriety. Instead, Eden Hill offers a warm, gracious home to face these issues with guidance and understanding from women who have been there, and those still on their way.

Must be over 18 years old.
Minimum length of stay 60 days
private pay facility.


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