Pathways Real Life Recovery

8706 South 700 East #205
Sandy, UT - 84070
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Pathways Real Life Recovery
Pathways Real Life Recovery
Pathways Real Life Recovery

Our treatment focuses on the clients’ strengths and their recovery journey.

All services are discovery, empowerment & solution based.

At pathways, we embrace a whole person approach to treatment, meaning we treat the entire human being with a personalized program. Not just focusing on the isolated problematic behavior.

Pathways is an evidence based system that goes beyond recovery to a life of meaning and freedom. A Utah rehab and treatment program that offers real life supportive therapy, relationship counseling, grief counseling and more in Utah! We believe in helping people become whole, healthy people. We can help you and the entire family begin the healing process and work with you. Whether you are seeking behavioral therapy or addiction treatment, we treat a whole range of mental health issues.

Sober living homes are an intermediate environment between rehab and living independently where residents maintain abstinence from drugs or alcohol. These places used to be referred to as halfway houses and operate as co-living spaces where residents live with others on the same recovery journey, meaning that there is someone to share meals, someone to talk to, someone to go to meetings with, and this can be a real make-or-break factor to staying sober. Those in sober living homes have already completed a drug or alcohol treatment program and detox; it is a form of ongoing support. Sober living homes help clients create a new healthy routine outside the strict regiment of inpatient care.
Sober recovery clients pay rent and contribute to housework. Residents may be required to maintain a job, go to school, perform volunteer work, or develop new sober hobbies. Residents will observe curfews and participate in random breathalyzer and drug tests three times weekly. When entering our sober living houses, clients agree to follow certain rules and acknowledge there are consequences for not following rules. A case manager works closely with each client to track their progress on a variety of goals.


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