Sarah's house

106 cartee ave
Greenville, SC - 29605

Rent is 175 per week transportation to and from work meetings store a clean and safe place to recover from drug addiction or alcohol.


2018-10-03 09:35:44 Reply

yea I saw the same thing when I went to visit someone there pretty run down yea I saw beer cans all in the yard I think its just about the money not helping people or those places would not look like that someone needs to call Greenville county on the shape of those houses and Greenville news on what really goes on there hell I even heard the manager had one of the residents buy him a gun cause he could not buy one now that's bad wow

2018-09-17 13:16:22 Reply

I checked out Sarah's house. Run down houses. Holes in floor covered in carpet. Mold. Just in the Piedmont house. The others have issues also. Beer can outside and in house. From a unanimous source.80% of people there fail drugs test all the time. And wow just pay a relapse fee and that's it. Even had a guy overdose couple weeks ago. No meetings no nothing word from residents is even management would be dirty for pills. Whoever supports this place. Is not recovery process. If in doubt. About my comment go make a surprise visit for yourself. I was there I seen it all. Nasty places. To recommend this is a joke

2019-02-12 10:05:52 Reply

Nice place. Get you great job and reliable transportation. Doesn't have a bunch of stupid rules that are unnecessary. The two previous comments that were made by the unknown source are absolutely ridiculous and not true. Someone should check that person.

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