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Transitional and Sober Housing in Nashville.

The website is for those who are looking for transitional housing based on their current needs.

Types of transitional housing listed.

- 3/4 house: Sober living homes that help you transition back to your normal life.
- Sober Living Home: Homes where residents recover from substance abuse.
- Halfway House: Variety of homes that can assist residents with substance abuse issues, emaotional issues, physical issues and to transition back to society.

Search through our list of supportive housing below to find the transitional resource in Nashville, TN you need. We also provide prices/rates for transitional housing when possible, on the listing details pages.

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  • Transitional Living Inc Email Website Learn more 840 Youngs Ln
    Nashville, TN - 37207
    Transitional Living Inc strives to provide a safe, drug free and alcohol free home environment for men to live in and grow during their early transition period of addiction recovery.  .. see more
  • Dismas, Inc. Email Website Learn more 1513 16th Avenue
    Nashville, TN - 37212

    Dismas was founded in 1974 by Jack Hickey, OP to reconcile former prisoners to society, and society to former prisoners, through the development of supportive communities. .. see more
  • Nashville Rescue Mission, Inc. Email Website Learn more 639 Lafayette St
    Nashville, TN - 37203
    Nashville Rescue Mission, Inc. help the hurting of Middle Tennessee by providing food, clothing and shelter to the homeless as well as life-recovery and adult education programs to those enslaved in addiction and other debilitating problems. .. see more
  • Transitions Housing Agency Inc Email Website Learn more PO Box 90383
    Nashville, TN - 37209
    (615) 227-6865
    Transitions Housing is a transitional living community that provides housing and services for recovering addicts to ensure a successful transition back into the mainstream of society by providing services to include social, educational and life skills by working with various state and private agencies. It is our mission to empower participants spiritually, emotionally, socially and economically .. see more
  • Room In The Inn Email Website Learn more 705 Drexel Street
    Nashville, TN - 37203
    (615) 251-9791
    Our mission is to provide programs that emphasize human development and recovery through education, self-help and work, centered in community and long term support for those who call the streets of Nashville home.  .. see more
  • Men Of Valor Website Learn more 1420 Donaldson Pk
    Nashville, TN - 37217
    (615) 399-9111
    As more and more men involved with our program are released from prison, MOV continues to support and encourage them as they gain employment, reconcile with family members, and become productive members of society. The optimal environment for this transition is a safe, supportive residential setting where the men can benefit from ongoing training, education, life skills, accountability, counseling .. see more
  • The Next Door, Inc. Email Website Learn more 402 22nd Avenue North
    Nashville, TN - 37203
    The Next Doors Residential Transition Program offers women coming from incarceration with a history of substance abuse a six month structured curriculum to help them re-enter society. The Residential Transition Program is offered through three locations in the State of Tennessee.Please contact them directly for more detailed program information on eligibility, availability and applicat .. see more
  • Evolutions Recovery House Email Learn more 1261 1st Avenue South
    Nashville, TN - 37210
    (615) 593-4387
    Evolutions Recovery House is a Non-profit organization serving men and women with a history of mental illness, substance abuse, as well as those who may have been previously incarcerated. We believe that recovery and maintaining success is a multifaceted goal. It takes the support of many to assist in not only success, but the maintenance of that success, which is why we provide supportive progra .. see more
  • The Theotherapy Project - Rivera House Transition Home For Women Email Website Learn more 603 Rosebank Avenue
    Nashville, TN - 37206
    Built in the 1950's and located in historic East Nashville, the Rivera House Transition Home for Women offers continued therapeutic based programming for former female offenders along with practical help in learning job skills, finding gainful employment, accessibility to recovery support groups and a structured environment in which to transition safely. The Rivera House is named in honor of Dr .. see more
  • Urban Housing Solutions Email Website Learn more 822 Woodland Street
    Nashville, TN - 37206
    (615) 726-2696
    Urban Housing Solutions is Nashvilles affordable, permanent housing provider. We own and operate 22 properties in the Nashville area, transforming established apartment complexes into beautiful communities. Our residents include those who were homeless, the mentally ill and physically disabled, individuals living with HIV/AIDS, people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and other low-inco .. see more
  • Aphesis House, Inc. Website Learn more 1522 Compton Avenue
    Nashville, TN - 37212
    Our mission is to provide transitional housing for previously incarcerated men with a history of substance abuse and homelessness. We seek to promote self-esteem, self-confidence, and advanced training, empowering each participant to change his behavior and habits, therefore enabling the individual to re-enter society as a productive, law-abiding citizen. The success of this program has enabled us .. see more
  • Living Development Concepts, Inc. Email Website Learn more 3250 Dickerson Road, Suite 212
    Nashville, TN - 37207
    (615) 750-5463
    Living Development Concepts offers affordable housing and life skills development as part of an offender reentry program. Please contact them directly for more detailed program information such as eligibility,availability and application procedures. .. see more
  • Phases, Inc. Email Website Learn more 211 Morton Avenue
    Nashville, TN - 37211
    We are a recovering community where women on the journey back from drug and alcohol addiction can start a new life. Phases is not a short-term treatment center or a half-way house. We do not offer a quick fix. Our program is divided into "phases"; each phase provides a different level of supervision and responsibility according to the individual's personal needs and growth. We believe work i .. see more
  • Project Return, Inc. Email Website Learn more 806 4th Avenue South
    Nashville, TN - 37210-4000
    (615) 327-9654
    Project Return provides a broad range of assistance and support to anyone with a juvenile or criminal record, aid in the transition from incarceration to the community to ensure a chance for success, and education to the community and clients that offenders are human beings first and offenders secondly. .. see more
  • Renewal House Email Website Learn more Po Box 280356
    Nashville, TN - 37228
    (615) 255-5222
    Renewal House provides a continuum of services for women affected by substance use and co-occurring mental disorders including: licensed women's-only addiction pre-treatment and treatment; residential wrap-around services for mothers and their children; substance abuse prevention and early intervention for children; and affordable housing. We help women and families make a fresh start in life and .. see more
  • Mending Hearts Learn more 4305 Albion Street
    Nashville, TN - 37228
    (615) 385-1696
    .. see more
  • Next Door Inc Email Website Learn more 402 22nd Avenue North
    Nashville, TN - 37203
    Residential Rehabilitation This Roots of Recovery program is for women with current DUI and/or drug-related convictions. Some eligible women will be court ordered to receive treatment or under the supervision of the Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole Non-medical low-intensity residential treatment program that typically lasts four to six weeks .. see more
  • Renewal House Inc Website Learn more 3410 Clarksville Pike
    Nashville, TN - 37228
    (615) 255-5222
    .. see more
  • Samaritan Recovery Community Transitional Housing Website Learn more 319 South 4th Street
    Nashville, TN - 37206
    (615) 244-4802
    Transitional Living ProgramThe Transitional Living (halfway house) program is in a structured transitional treatment setting and is designed for those clients in need of extended residential support to successfully meet goals of recovery from addiction or co-occurring disorders. The program emphasis is on continued recovery and development of personal skills and resources needed to mai .. see more
  • Yana House Email Website Learn more P.O. Box 90582
    Nashville, TN - 60621
    YANA (You Are Never Alone) is a Comprehensive Social Model women’s recovery home. YANA offers a supportive living environment for women recovering from alcoholism and other addictions. We believe an important part of recovery is addressing mental health issues. A safe structured living environment and a healthy proactive approach to "Recovery" is our focus. "Recovery" is a personal journey .. see more
  • Oxford House Hilson Website Learn more 5176-5178 Hilson Road
    Nashville, TN - 37211
    .. see more
  • Oxford House Polar Bear Website Learn more 1408 Edgehill Avenue
    Nashville, TN - 37212-2420
    .. see more
  • Oxford House Meridian Website Learn more 826 Meridian
    Nashville, TN - 37207-5850
    .. see more
  • Oxford House Cleveland Website Learn more 908 Joseph Avenue
    Nashville, TN - 37207
    .. see more
  • Oxford House Crieve Hall Website Learn more 5153 Whitaker Drive
    Nashville, TN - 37211-5906
    .. see more
  • Oxford House Huntington Website Learn more 750 Huntington Parkway
    Nashville, TN - 37211-5919
    .. see more
  • Oxford House Stainback Website Learn more 1125 Stainback Avenue
    Nashville, TN - 37207
    .. see more
  • Oxford House Metta Website Learn more 1957 Dabbs Avenue
    Nashville, TN - 37217
    .. see more
  • Oxford House Madison Manor Website Learn more 1109 Bell Grimes
    Nashville, TN - 37207
    .. see more

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