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Berkeley, California

Transitional and Sober Housing in Berkeley.

The website is for those who are looking for transitional housing based on their current needs.

Types of transitional housing listed.

- 3/4 houses: Sober living homes that help you transition back to your normal life.
- Sober Living Homes: Homes where residents recover from substance abuse.
- Halfway Houses: Variety of homes that can assist residents with substance abuse issues, emaotional issues, physical issues and to transition back to society.
- Reentry Programs: Hard to find residential re-entry programs.

Our listings include: government run, privately owned, non profit transitional housing resources. We work closely with many transitional housing programs who provide us with their latest details and costs. View the full details on our listing details pages. Where possible we provide prices and details such as sliding fee scale, free programs.

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Search Results:

  • Options Recovery Services Email Website Learn more 1931 Center Street
    Berkeley, CA - 94704
    (510) 666-9552
    Options Recovery Services break the cycle of addiction which causes homelessness, crime and broken families. Options Recovery Services believe that to be successful, services must be open to anyone and immediately available. Options Recovery Services believe that treatment for alcohol and drug dependency is a human right, regardless of the ability to pay. Opt .. see more
  • Building Opportunities For Self-sufficiency Email Website Learn more 1918 University Ave
    Berkeley, CA - 94704
    (510) 649-1930
    BOSS helps poor, homeless, and disabled people achieve health and self-sufficiency, and fight against the root causes of poverty and homelessness. BOSS achieves its mission using four strategies: Housing HealthEconomic DevelopmentSocial Justice .. see more
  • Womens Daytime Drop-in Center Email Website Learn more 2218 Acton Street
    Berkeley, CA - 94702
    (510) 548-2884
    Women Daytime Drop-In Center (WDDC) empower women and children to move from the streets to a home by providing ongoing and intensive counseling, case management services, transitional housing and a safe daytime refuge.The WDDC is open Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm, CLOSED the first Friday of every month. Breakfast is served at 8am, lunch at 12noon. Services begin at 9am and end at 3pm. .. see more
  • New Bridge Foundation Email Website Learn more 1816 Scenic Avenue
    Berkeley, CA - 94709
    (510) 548-7270
    Founded in 1968, New Bridge Foundation is a non-profit drug and alcohol treatment agency serving adults with chemical dependency issues in residential and outpatient treatment settings. They also offer services for dual diagnosis.Services include:Individual counselingGroup therapy and educationFamily education and support groupIndividualized treatme .. see more
  • Berkeley Food & Housing Project Transitional Housing Email Website Learn more 3225 Adeline Street
    Berkeley, CA - 94703
    (510) 649-4965
    BFHP offers temporary housing (6-24 months) and intensive life skills training to 12 homeless male veterans in Berkeley. This program has been funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs since 2011. Included is:    Meals & shelter    Placement into permanent housing    Vocation .. see more
  • Steps 4 Recovery Sober Living Email Website Learn more 1819 Carleton Street
    Berkeley, CA - 94703
    (415) 254-3863
    Steps 4 Recovery operates as a close knit family. Residents share a number of responsibilities, but more importantly, they provide support, connection, and encouragement to each other. Giving and receiving support in recovery provides residents with an increased sense of inner strength and confidence to handle life’s challenges without drugs or alcohol. Their principles are based .. see more

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