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Pasadena, California

Transitional and Sober Housing in Pasadena.

The website is for those who are looking for transitional housing based on their current needs.

Types of transitional housing listed.

- 3/4 houses: Sober living homes that help you transition back to your normal life.
- Sober Living Homes: Homes where residents recover from substance abuse.
- Halfway Houses: Variety of homes that can assist residents with substance abuse issues, emaotional issues, physical issues and to transition back to society.
- Reentry Programs: Hard to find residential re-entry programs.

Our listings include: government run, privately owned, non profit transitional housing resources. We work closely with many transitional housing programs who provide us with their latest details and costs. View the full details on our listing details pages. Where possible we provide prices and details such as sliding fee scale, free programs.

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Search Results:

  • Hillsides Email Website Learn more 940 Avenue 64
    Pasadena, CA - 91105
    (323) 254-2274
    Hillsides Residential Treatment Services provide a safe and stable environment for children and youth who cannot live at home, who suffered trauma and who have severe emotional, psychological and behavioral challenges requiring specialized care and treatment. Hillsides dynamic team of experts help vulnerable youngsters restore hope, rediscover the joy of childhood, and achieve a happie .. see more
  • Union Station Homeless Services Email Website Learn more 825 East Orange Grove Blvd
    Pasadena, CA - 91104
    (626) 240-4550
    Union Station Homeless Services provide homeless and very low-income men, women and families with the means to transform their lives so they can become productive, stable and self-supporting. They provide:    Emergency shelter    Transitional housing    Permanent supportive housing    Affordable housing  .. see more
  • Casa de las Amigas Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Women Email Website Learn more 160 North El Molino Avenue
    Pasadena, CA - 91101
    (626) 792-2770
    Sober Living makes it possible for women completing addiction treatment to move into a safe and supportive sober living setting for up to one year.For many women, the transition from addiction treatment to a sober living environment is critical to their success for long-term sobriety. They provide an affordable, loving and safe setting where participants live in the company of wom .. see more
  • Casa Treatment Center Email Website Learn more 175 North Oak Knoll Avenue
    Pasadena, CA - 91101
    (626) 792-2770
    Casa is a 24-hour, non-medical substance abuse treatment program for women. Their programs emphasize abstinence from alcohol and/or other mind-altering substances and encourages the physical, mental and spiritual growth in the recovery process, while also addressing co-occurring disorders. Women 18 years of age or older (or emancipated minors) are provided with a safe, cl .. see more
  • Gooden Center Email Website Learn more 191 North El Molino Avenue
    Pasadena, CA - 91101
    (626) 356-0078
    If youre participating in their Day Treatment or Intensive Outpatient groups you may be eligible to reside in one of their Sober Living houses or cottages near the treatment center in Pasadena. They have a total of 47 sober living beds throughout their health care system. Meals are provided, and a house manager oversees each sober living home. .. see more
  • Grandview Foundation- Marengo House Email Website Learn more 1230 North Marengo Avenue
    Pasadena, CA - 91103
    (626) 797-1124
    Their sober living home is located next door to the residential treatment facility. This proximity enables those in more advanced stages of recovery to take advantage of the administrative services to aid them in their job search and family reunification. Their sober living home is affordable, alcohol and drug-free housing, providing positive environments that facilitate .. see more
  • Impact Email Website Learn more 1680 North Fair Oaks Avenue
    Pasadena, CA - 91103
    (626) 798-0884
    Impact Transitional Housing (a.k.a sober living) is usually reserved for those who have completed residential treatment and/or for those who have chosen to enroll in the outpatient programs and live in the supportive environment.They offer multiple locations and housing arrangements. Each location is managed by Impact staff and each resident is expected to participate fully in the .. see more
  • Priscilla's Place Incorporated Email Website Learn more P.O. Box 93933
    Pasadena, CA - 91109
    Thank you for your interest in Priscilla's Place Inc. Priscilla's Place provide transitional housing for people looking for a safe, clean, alcohol and drug free living environment in which they strive to rebuild lives. They are people positive, and believe in the human spirit as well as, it's ability to achieve greatness. Accomplishing goals tends to be easier when they hav .. see more

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